We started the way back in 1995 to Berlin. We started to do self-contained cooks and quickly gained recognition. Needless to say, our design and quality aspect was unrivaled during those years. We have established partnerships with major distribution companies in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Kazakistan, Romania, Belarus. We are a surname in the Balkan states and countries of Eastern Europe. We have progressively upgraded our range of integrated devices and won several awards in Germany for the Best Appliance Segment. We have added ergonomic devices to our product range.

Our ovens, for example, come with steam cooking functions for healthy cooking. They are first-rate designs with features like touch panels with TFT screen. To give our customers an ease of use of our devices. Pyrolytic cleaning of the furnaces is one of the great advantages of our furnaces. In all we want to provide our esteemed African customers with a revolutionary cuisine that they have never known before.

Expansion In continental Africa came towards the end of 2014 with our first Distribution Unit in Ghana which is a success and now in Côte d'Ivoire. Over the next five years, we plan to establish our vision in Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Africa is a priority for the growth and leadership of our company. Middle-class and high-income people improve their lifestyle and we are in the right place.

We have built a presentable Showroom in Cocody Angré 8th slice, our customers will be welcome for a visit, even during working hours. So our sales consultants will help them choose from our product range. We also build a strong network of dealers, which dealers will be our licensed partners to sell our World Standard products. Our customers can call our telephone hotlines to reach our nearest point of sale. Our website contains complete information about our products. Our promotional advertisements will be regularly presented through the chosen Media so that our customers will be perfumed with our developments.

Our priority is safety above all, because most of our customers have families. A kitchen could sometimes be dangerous as we all know. Our products go through rigorous security controls and are built with global standard safety guidelines. We are aware of how energy efficiency in households could play a role in building a better world, so we are following strict energy saving measures. Also more energy efficiency is good, more it allows the control of budgets at home. We have sales and service teams who personally install each product we sell and give live demos on the use of the product after the installations. We also cover a one-year warranty period. We have spare parts available to meet any future outages. However our return percentage is exceptionally low. Kaiser not only offers quality and safety, but also the newest and most innovative design that sets standards of kitchen fasion device.

Our market research showed that Ivorians always preferred products of good quality, which is an important starting point so that we can intervene as a reference of our products to the highest standards. The economic growth rate of Côte d'Ivoire and its skilled workforce have given us confidence. Our products are manufactured in Germany with the highest safety and energy efficiency standard. This is the need of the current population in Côte d'Ivoire. We believe in the long term that we will be the most desired brand for kitchen appliances in Cote d'Ivoire.